Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Spirit Day 7

Even though it is a "bit" crowded, I decided to get out all my Nativity pieces (except the cow; there was no room in the stable, just like the inn!) I thought I had a donkey, but no. I did have a shepherd I had forgotten. The expressions on all their faces surely displays the wonder and awe of that wonderful night so long ago.

"For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Child is given,
And His name shall be called,
Emanuel, and He shall be a
Savior to all people."


Note: I told Prof about the cow and I said that Mary probably would have objected to "cow patties" in the birthing area anyway. She said,"Dad, Mary was an unmarried 14 year old virgin giving birth to the Savior of the World in a barn. Do you really think a little cow crap was an issue?"
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Mellodee said...

The set is lovely! Though I do feel badly for the cow! Next year you can look for a larger table so there is room at the inn for Elsie!

And your daughter's comment is a hoot!! She's probably got a point too!

(I came to your blog from her blog. Lots of talent in your family!)

It looks like your Christmas Spirit is picking up!!

Curley said...

Yes, it may be a bit crowded but I bet that the real stable was a bit crowded also. That is beautiful