Saturday, December 04, 2010

Oh! The Weather Outside is Frightful!

Prof just came home from a morning out and said I should go out and enjoy the snow. It started snowing sometime after I went to bed last night and is still snowing at 2:21 p.m. I do suppose that I could garner a little Christmas spirit if I went out, but there's no way I want to fight the weather and the Saturday shoppers! Although, we need bread and bologna, and I am completely out of beer and wine. So, maybe a trip to my local market is in the foreseeable future.
Speaking of Christmas spirit, I have none. Usually, no, always, I have the tree up, and the house decorated by this time. Nada! Not this year! I can't seem to be motivated. Partially because putting up the tree involves moving furniture and so on. The older I get, the more of a chore this becomes. I have added a couple pieces of furniture and now I don't know where to put the tree. Also, no one feels the need to help. When Tilly, my wife, was alive, she guilted the kids into helping. I just can't do that. They have lives of their own, and kids and work and other things to occupy themselves. So I would "rather do it myself." But this year, I am feeling Tilly's loss more that ever. I miss her. She was "all about Christmas." She baked, made candy, and we decorated to the hilt. A few years we had 9 trees all over the house. Quite a feat in a 5 room house! She loved to shop, and even in the lean years, could fill the tree's underside with a veritable treasure house of gifts. Nothing expensive, just a lot of stuff, making gifting even more fun. (One year, we divided the final $25.00 between us and had to buy the most gifts we could get for each other for $12.50.)
Maybe, if I go shopping during the week, I will be inspired. The crowds should be less, and the clerks in better moods. Nothing puts a damper on Christmas spirit like a clerk with the gloomies. I have enough of those of my own. Bah! Humbug!


Note*: Self portrait!


Curley said...

I totally understand. I am feeling much the same way myself. I did have the boys bring up the tree today. It is still in the box. Maybe I will go move that table,...or maybe not.

Mellodee said...

I believe you have a 17 year old grandson living in the same house as you. After our offspring move out, they are free of familial obligation to help decorate the family home for Christmas. If, however, they (and THEIR offspring) move back home, they are no longer relieved of this responsibility. Grandson needs to help move the furniture!! This is a Rule #6 of families and Christmas! (Have you lost your copy of Bottom-line Rules for Families? I could lend you mine, but my daughter hid it when she was 16!) LOL!!

Christmas spirit usually eludes me until I manage to actually buy the first gift and after all the pretty Christmas things are out for my enjoyment.

It will come to you too!

Jimmie Earl said...

Curley: Thanks my friend. And I hope your Christmas is bearable. It's hard after losing a loved one. The pain goes away eventually, but the "missing" part remains.

Melody: I think Prof threw my copy away when she was a teenager! LOL! Thanks for your kind words! I need to go shopping for a while; maybe that will help!