Saturday, April 23, 2011

What I Read #32

Power Down by Ben Coes: This novel by new author, Coes, had me spending a whole day reading. It is believed that it's the work of terrorists that is wrecking some of the U.S.'s major energy sources. Former Delta soldier Dewey Andreas is taxed almost beyond human endurance to bring the bad guys under control. Murder and mayhem are by-words for this story.
Author Coes, a former White House employee, knows the facts and how to present them.
It was a good thing yesterday was a rainy day. It assuaged any guilt I might have about spending the entire day reading Power Down from cover to cover. I recommend this novel to any of you that like a political thriller! This is it! At it's finest.

Happy Reading,

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Jimmie Earl said...

You gotta read this one! Run, don't walk to you friendly neighborhood library for it. (After all, it's only "6" blocks!)