Friday, October 07, 2011

Around the House

I'm preparing for winter around the house. I have lived here for 19 years, so it's been 19 years since I put a coat of paint on my front door. It was just beginning to peel, and looked a little shabby, so I took it down, sanded all the old paint off, primed and painted the frame. It is one of those old fashioned storm doors with a 12 light window insert for winter and a screen insert for summer. I also sanded down and reglazed the window insert, and just came in from putting a coat of paint on it. It is really turning out nice looking. Of course, it's Regal Red. If you are wondering just how red Regal Red is, well, it's really, really, bright RED! Think fire engine!!
Our red door has become a sort of landmark on our street. I always tell people that I live in the little white house on the south side of the street, second from the corner; the one with the bright red front door. I love it!
Next project is to close in the side porch with plastic. I have never done this since I've lived here, but I think I will this winter and see if it helps cut down on heating costs. I don't like the looks of plastic, but I have a plan. On the outside of my porch is lattice work. My plan is to take down the lattice, put up the plastic, then put the lattice back in place with the plastic between the lattice and screen. This serves a two-fold purpose. It helps hold the plastic in place so the wind won't rip it down, and it also hides the plastic from passers by.
By enclosing the porch, I can move my space heater out there, and still enjoy sitting out there during the day and enjoying the sunshine. We'll see how that works this year, and if I want to go to all the trouble for years to come.
Next, I will need to rake and rake the yard. Lots of BIG trees in the neighborhood, and since I have chain link fence around my back yard, everyone's leaves collect in there and I have to rake and haul. The front and sides I can get with the blower, but not the back.
Gutters will need to be readied, but that will happen after all the leaves are down.
Before long, I will begin thinking about how I am going to decorate the outside for the holidays. I haven't done much since my wife passed, but with the two little grandkids, and my kids being close, I think I will do more this year.
Sounds like I better step away from the computer and get busy!!




Curley said...

Just don't work so hard that you end up sore all over. And be careful on the ladder.

Mellodee said...

I would adore having a porch that could be used year round, sound like your lattice and plastic will be just the ticket.

We can't have a red door in our development. The "architectural" (the vigilante gestapo) committee doesn't approve!

Moral: Read the Homeowners Assoc. rules VERY closely before buying a house!!!

Jimmie Earl said...

Curley: Never fear that I will work too hard! Not going to happen!

Mel: I live in the oldest residential part of our town. My house dates back to the beginning of the last century. Lots of brightly painted doors in the area. But MINE is the brightest. The one across the street used to be painted chartreuse, But that lady went to her eternal home, now the new owners have a burgundy one. No painted door gestapo in our neighborhood. There is an area where there are restrictions. Can't even have a clothesline. I don't know about red doors!