Friday, October 28, 2011

"As the Stomach Churns"

A new soap opera has been acted out in "reality" around here. Prof broke up with said BF. Or visa-versa, and he was very unhappy. Yelling, screaming, threatening, etc ensued. Enough so that Prof had to get a protective order against him. He harassed her enough , plus some other previous infractions, at their workplace that he finally was terminated (they worked at the same place). More threats. Now that the protective order has been served. All is calm.
What a nerve-wracking week!
I never have watch a soap since the old days of "Search for Tomorrow," but if I could script this past week, I am sure it would be a best seller for afternoon TV.

Peace, (at last)


Mellodee said...

That's a little scary! No, actually that's a lot scary. Hope your daughter is getting through it ok!

Curley said...

Let's leave all future soap operas for T.V. Too stressful for real life.

Terry said...

Sometimes we have no choice but to respond to the demands of our environment. Best of Luck.