Saturday, October 01, 2011

Where is everyone?

The week has gone by and no one has commented on my blog. I know that some of what I write is boring as watching grass grow, but, all of it? LOL! I also notice that most of the blogs I read are lagging in the reading material. Maybe it's just "that time of the year" and seasonal blahs and so busy that one can't find time to blog. What I have read that other people have written this week has been very interesting. So don't think I feel that writers are letting me down. On the contrary, I feel like I am letting my readers down. Looking back on what I have written, nothing has been witty or fun. Mostly it's been depressing as hell! Or at least, too darn serious.
I have an "underwear" blog waiting in the wings, but I am not sure I want to publish it. Its sort of a guy thing, but I think it's funny and also true!
So, readers and writers, let's all get busy. Put down what ever you are doing that is keeping you from blogging on a regular basis, and write something; even the most mundane happenings can be made into something fun to read!


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Curley said...

I have read but been too busy to comment the last couple days. Made 3 batches of cupcakes and decorated them last night after work. Didn't get done till 10:30. The bridal shower is done and hopefully will have more time now.
I want to hear the underwear blog.