Tuesday, February 28, 2012

JE Cooks!

After many weeks of waiting, and trying to fix meals with out a stove or microwave, both new appliances arrived and were installed yesterday.
The old microwave "died" a sudden death about 6 months ago, but I had use of Prof's mini microwave, so I didn't replace it right away. Then, while I was on vacation in January, the oven on my stove quit working. In investigating, we found out that Jenn-Air doesn't make that stove anymore, nor can parts be purchased for it. The burners still worked, but if you used them, the timer beeped and a red light flashed and this went on for ever until finally the breaker in the basement had to be thrown.
I went to Sears in Texas, purchased the new stove there, and a new microwave, since both were on a huge sale at the time. With Sears hinky scheduling procedure, the pair I bought at the end of January, finally got here and set in place yesterday, making stoveless days number in the 30's.
Prof and Kiddo decided that I had to cook the first meal on the new equipment, so I fixed something simple. Spaghetti. I got out the really good stainless steel cookware, which I very seldom use (personal reasons) and found out that this new stove cooks hotter and faster than the old one(15 years makes a lot of difference.) And to have a microwave last almost 20 years is unheard of, I guess. At least that's what everyone is telling me. So, now I can cook. But now, I have to put away the George Foreman Grill, the toaster over, the griddle, the roaster, and the mini microwave; all that have been spread all over the counters so we could cook a meal. Then I will have a place to spread out my biscotti dough, pie dough, and maybe even make "southwest soup" and beer bread! Oh, and I am cleaning out all my cupboards and ridding them of unused stuff. There is no way I need all this stuff!

In the Kitchen, in peace,


Curley said...

I love a new stove. Word of caution. Be sure and watch when you bake because not all ovens bake the same. When I got my new one I found out that I have to bake everything at higher temps and longer that before. Would hate for you to burn your "buns".

Jimmie Earl said...

Thanks for the words of advice. I did read in the manual (yes, I really read the "instructions") that if I notice a difference in baking times and etc, I can actually go into the system and adjust the default temps on my oven. How about that!!!