Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ultimate Restaurant Decor Part Dos!

Previously, I wrote about eating at the "light and tinsel show." (Note that I spelled tinsel correctly now. Thanks, Mel.) Well here's living proof (or almost living in the form of photos that I went back and took the day before I came home) that I wasn't just "shining you people on."

Here's the entrance doors!

This is one end of a 30 foot bar!

Aisle way to dining areas in either side!

Exiting was just as exciting!

So, see, my loyal readers, I wasn't kidding at all, was I?

Peace (and light,)


Mellodee said...

It looks like they have Christmas all year long!!!

Oh, btw, one of the cast members in the show had 4 friends who came to see the show. They drove down from Arlington, TX! If I had known them, I would have asked if my friend could hitch a ride!! lol!

Curley said...

ialiWow! How do they ever clean the place? Wonder if they take all the tinsel down and then put it back up after.