Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Gal's Talent "Rocks!"

I often mention and talk about my good friend Curley. This woman is a lady of many talents. Look closely at the two necklaces she made yesterday (click on them for a closeup view). They are crocheted out of fine silver wire and glass beads. Then she puts the finishing touches on the ends with clasps and so on. I don't know how she does it.
I happened to stumble onto instructions for these necklaces in a book and showed it to her the other day. And VOILA! here they are.
Curley also knits, makes other jewelry, crochets, sews, and does flower arrangements. She also works at our local Senior Center where she teaches seniors different crafts, plus organizes events and is really a "jack of all trades" there.
Curley is a wife and mother. Her family live "way" out in the middle of "BF Egypt" and, believe it or not, she doesn't drive. She knows how, she just never got a license. We all have been working on her for a few years to get one, but she really doesn't feel comfortable with the idea, so she probably won't. Her husband, one of her sons, and public transit is fulfilling her transportation needs right now.
I marvel at her talent. She never does anything "half-assed" like some of us do. She is a perfectionist with her handiwork. She made a niece's wedding dress a couple years ago, and I think she reworked it 3 different times until it was perfect.
Besides all this, she is just a good person, a good friend, and I am so lucky to know her.



Curley said...

Thank you. I'm lucky to know you also.

Dreena M. Tischler said...

I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. You are under no obligation to do anything. You can read more about it here: