Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Law has Long Arms

I sat in court yesterday as a supporter of the defendant. He is caught up in a mess; yes of his own doing, but he is also being railroaded. He, being of age, was "caught with his pants down" so to speak, with a girl who was underage. They were both in agreement with this arrangement, so there was no forced act. They really didn't accomplish the act at all. But, the parents of said girl, pressed the issue so now my friend is being tried as a sex offender by the State. This is ridiculous! Yes, he should have known better; yes there are laws. But, and there is always a but, should he be labelled as a sex offender for life just because both of their hormones were raging.
I have known this kid and his parents for several years. The kid is ornery. There's no doubt about it. But, he graduated from HS with good grades, and he has a full time job making excellent money. Because of this stigma that might become attached to him, what will it do to his chances to succeed further?
I am not saying he should go unpunished. I think the law needs to be changed. I was young once and know how those urges react within a guy's body. I also know there are gals out there who think it's okay. But I don't think they should have to be ruined for life by some asinine law. Save that law for the real child molesters that actually prey on the young. Makes me mad to think this happens. Enough said.


Curley said...

You said that very well. More of the zero tolerance at work in our world. Not for the better either.

Marcia said...

This happened to neighbors of ours. They were boy and girlfriend; he was a few years older than she was. Her parents complained and he is branded as an offender, even though they later married! Wazzup with that?

Anvilcloud said...

The law may have long arms, but sometimes it can be an ass.