Thursday, May 17, 2012

Physical Therapy HURTS!

I now know what the phrase, "no pain, no gain," means. I have had two sessions of therapy and while I was there, it hurt. But, in the hours after, the pain lessened, and I can see a wee bit of relief. I am to go twice a week for 4 weeks, then the PT will reevaluate my situation. If I am improved, great, if not, then back to the MD for further testing.
Joe, my PT, also gave me exercises to do at home twice a day. They are simple stretching exercises. Joe also said that if it hurt to do the amount of reps he recommended, to ease off and do less. So far, I have been able to to the recommended amount. Go me!
I think the worst part is that Joe also told me to NOT sleep on my left side. This position causes the shoulder to thrust forward and pinches the joint that is inflamed. My left side is my favorite "sleep side" so that has made it hard to get comfortable when I go to bed, but I am trying to do everything Joe says, because he said that without improvement, he knows Dr Mc would recommend a MRI. Let's not even go there.
This getting old and having my body going to "pot" is frustrating. As a wise friend told me yesterday, there is no spare parts store for us, and our trade-in value is worthless. LOL! But, I still know it's better than our alternative.




Curley said...

To help yourself not roll over onto your left side after going to sleep, put a pillow behind your back. If Joe is the same PT they used to have when they were on the other side of town, he is really good at his job.

Jimmie Earl said...

Curley: Same guy. Said he's been in the community since 1993. He sure is good at his job.

Annmarie Pipa said...

therapy does work it will be worth if if you just hang in there..good luck!

Anvilcloud said...

My PT is helping me too but not enough to put off the inevitable I think.