Friday, May 25, 2012

What's In A Name, anyway???

Blog handles are a lot like CB Radio handles. They really have nothing to do with the name of the real person. My in-laws had a CB radio for years, and when Prof was a little girl, she was "Little Princess" and liked to talk to people like "Hammer Handle" and "Mr. Lucky."
Prof blogged for years under the name, "Prof." That came from being a college professor. She picked my blog name. Jimmie Earl was what she picked. It came from a monologue she used to do about fictious Ma Peasley, who had a whole bunch of kids and took them on a train ride. Ma's oldest son was Jimmieearl. Prof used to entertain us for hours while riding in the car. She would make up different episodes of the same family. Tilly and I would be in stitches just listening to her.
Anyway, Jimmieearl stuck, so here I am.
Funny thing though, my real name is James. I have been Jimmy, Jimbo, Jim, Jamie, and last, but certainly not least, Jimmy Dick (middle name being Richard in real life) I have also been known in life as "Alferd" and I know not where that came from. Just a good friend of my mom's began calling me Alferd when I was a little kid and continued doing so until she died.

I know Mellodee, with whom I correspond with really isn't a Mellodee, but I love her blog and it's musical theme, which makes Mellodee so very appropriate as a "handle."
It would be interesting to know why Anvilcloud is Anvilcloud. To know why Maggie O is Maggie O, and why Beatrice Bear is Beatrice Bear. (And so on and so forth.)

So, you readers, I challenge you to comment here and let me know why you chose the blog name you use, if you care too. I think it would be fun!



Marcia H. said...

I called my blog A Reader's Life because I read 80-100 books a year and some are so fabulous I have to try to get others to read them, too.
When we had a cb radio in the 70's, I was Swamp Yankee (coming from R.I.) and my hubby was Smokepole, because he was into muzzleloading then.
BTW, your shawl is lovely. Wish my crocheting was as good.

Dragonfly Daydreams said...

I haven't strayed too far from my name of origin. I'm Bronwyn. When me nephew started to talk he couldn't get his mouth around it...and started calling me Brona. The name has stuck as a family nickname. And if you want to know why dargonfly is in my google name then go to my post Brona's Books

Anvilcloud said...

Ah well ... Anvilcloud is sort of a play on my last name. One set of students affectionately referred to me as Mr Storm Cloud although I wasn't a storm cloud in the sense of a dour or sour disposition.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What Jimmie, you don't believe that Beatrice P. Boyd is my actual moniker? Well, you are so right and the alias comes from a pair of Boyd's Bears figurines of a mature bear couple, Beatrice & Grenville. We have several of these and just thought they would be fun aliases.

Jimmie Earl said...

Beatrice, What a clever idea! My late wife collected teddy bears, but only had two Boyd bears. One was a cute little one with a hat, named "Twila" which I gave to a friend who was fighting breast cancer, and the other one was named the same as my oldest grandson, so I kept it. I gifted the rest of them to the police to give to children in need.
Can you believe that growing up, my wife NEVER had a teddy bear?!? So during our marriage, I made sure she had plenty.

Alexandra said...

"The Girl on Fire"'s complicated;

Annmarie Pipa said...

I chose momto8 because I had absolutely NO IDEA what i was doing when I set this blog up and had NO IDEA I would be stuck with that name. but, i do have 8 kids.