Friday, December 14, 2012

Cars! I Hate it When They Need Repaired!

I am not a mechanic of any sort.  I know where to put the gas in my car, and that's about it.  I used to be able to change the oil, and even install new brakes, but with today's new "car tech." even that isn't possible anymore.
My beautiful red '06 Chrysler Sebring was making a "clunking" sound when I turned the steering wheel.  It's been doing it for about a week, but was getting worse.  So, yesterday I called the local garage and made an appointment to have it looked at.  The "gal" I talked to was rather rude and abrupt, made no overture of being the least bit helpful.  I explained that it was my only "ride" so  I would at least need to be taken home, or else I guess I could sit there all day while they fix the car.  A few other questions were met with either snide or rude remarks.  They are the only Chrysler dealership around this area.  The one where I bought the car is about 25miles away and I didn't want to risk going there with the noise it was making.  So, I made the arrangements to go at 8:00 AM this morning.
In the meantime, I related my phone call to Prof.  Sooooo, on her way home yesterday after school, she dropped in at the garage.  She talked to the Service Manager, who she said looked to be about 12 years old (LOL) and she told him that his people were not very "people friendly" and told him how I was treated by whom ever answered the phone that morning.  She said that I had been a Chrysler fan for a long time, and might just want to buy a car there sometime, and that if that was the kind of service...and so on and so on.
This morning when I got there, they were ready and waiting on me.  With a free loaner car for the day.  They called when they had an estimate of time and final cost.  They called me again to tell me that I will be needing new brakes soon, or did I want them to do that today, and also called when the car was done.  They were polite, and very accommodating.
Now, why and what made the change?? Was it because the service manager is just that much better at his people skills, or did the fact that Prof stopped in and was polite, but firm with him that made the difference.  Do they treat all Senior Citizens like second class citizens unless they are stood up for by someone else, or what?  Made me questions their ethics, though.
I bought my last car somewhere I had a friend working.  He no longer works at that establishment, so I have no ties at that garage.  So I might buy here locally the next time, or I might go 40 miles away where my friend is working now. 
Customer service is so important, and whether or not I am wealthy or just middle class, old or young, should not make any difference.
But, now it's fixed,(broken tie rod) and paid for and I am satisfied with the job they did, even if I am not too impressed with their people skills.


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Curley said...

At least the loaner car was nice. Not anything like the loaner that you get at the local "tire" establishment. We had a loaner from them once that I was almost afraid to get in. I have no answer for you about the person on the phone, but I hope that they had a talk with her about her about the way she talks to customers.