Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let It Snow!

The weather outside yesterday was frightful.  Here in the Midwest, we got barraged with snow. My area of the world only got 4-5 inches, further south it was worse.  Oh well, if we're going to live here, we have to abide with the winters.
Isn't it funny that when we in the Midwest get a "bunch" of snow, we hardly get a mention on the Weather Channel.  However, the New England states, and along the East coast gets storms named for them and plenty of hype.  Do they not know how to handle snow, or what?  I would think that as much as they get in the winter, and that it usually comes to us before them, they would have plenty of warning and be prepared.  What a bunch of wimps!!  I guess it goes to show who are the heartier people.  We are the pioneers, after all.
Today is beautiful.  Not too cold, and the sun is out on this snow covering up all the ugliness. I decided to go out and get out the snowblower and get it going.  NOT!  It will not start.  I only used it once last year as we had minimal snow, and it worked fine.  I cleaned the sparkplug, put in new gas/oil mix, choked and primed and about pulled my arm off trying to get it going.  Nothing would work.  So, I resorted to the shovel.  But since I am in therapy for my left shoulder and rotator cuff and etc, I more or less shoved instead of scooped.  I got things cleared enough to get the car out of the garage, and the sidewalks cleared to the garage, and the front so the poor mailman could get to my porch.  Now I feel like I need a nap.  So I will.
We are expecting more of the white stuff later in the week, but if my snow blower won't start, I have a number to call for a guy who has a blade on his truck and charges a reasonable fee for snow removal.  I will give him a call and save my back and shoulders from more harm. 
Again I must say that this growing old is NOT for sissies.



Terry said...

I remember pulling 80 yards of rope out of those stubborn motors - and all you get is tired. I found a snow blower at a yard sale with an electric start. I've already used it three times this winter. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Jimmie Earl said...

Terry, It's too bad you don't live closer to Indiana. Maybe you could figure out what's wrong my blower! And fix it!! Guess I will take it to someone who knows how to fix it. Better hurry up though, cause we're expecting more snow!