Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Things You Do For Your Kids!!

My daughter belongs to a book club.  They meet once a month for an evening of snacks and discussion.  The book they were to read by next Tuesday, The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin, is not my daughter's "cup of tea."  She is not a lover of romances, and especially romances taking place during the late 1800's. (Though her favorite book of all time is, "The Great Gatsby."  Go figure!)
Since she knows that I am a great "Downton Abbey" fan, she  knew I would like this novel.  So at her recommendation, I read it.  It took place mainly in England, during the Gilded Age.  It was sort of reminiscent of "Downton Abbey," but would definitely NOT make a good TV show.  It contained lots of "upper crust" rivalry and snobbishness.  It also contained a lot of the back-biting that went on within the staff of "Lulworth Castle," where the book took place.  I finished the book last night.  I told Prof that I thought she should give it a chance, so she decided to renew it (due today) and read it.  She called me about an hour ago and said that she couldn't renew it as it had a waiting list at the library. (Probably another member of her book club trying to cram it in this weekend before club meets next week!)  So, being the great father that I am, (ahem!) I wrote a two page condensed synopsis of a 465 page novel for her.  I felt like I was back in 11th grade AP English class.  I will remind Prof when I give it to her that even though she is an English major, that right now she isn't teaching and she had better not grade my "book report."
I really need to get a life!  Ha!



Curley said...

Ahh! You're such a nice dad. Knowing your daughter as I do, she wouldn't have had time to read it this weekend anyway. She is always so busy.

Annmarie Pipa said...

our book club is great! but I too never really like the books we pick., seem to be too secular with no one ever learning life lessons..I think I would like this book though! and thanks for the suggestion!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Never joined a book group for the reason mentioned by your daughter...not all books would be my cup of tea either. Maybe one day she will get to read this book, but most likely the group will move on to the next one.

Anvilcloud said...

But, did you pass?