Saturday, January 18, 2014

More White Stuff!

This view out my front door about an hour ago.  Okay, Mom Nature, I think we have had enough now!
Peace and shovel,


Curley said...

Looks like a picture postcard.

Anvilcloud said...

But it's purdy.

Terry said...

Hang on, JE, spring is just around the corner.
I like your new profile picture, btw.

Bobbie said...

I just found your blog. I snooped on your other blog that you closed and was so pleased to see your beautiful crochet work. I like to crochet too. I hope to visit again and find more crocheting being done. You do lovely work! Thanks for taking the time to share,

Donald H Sullivan said...

Came across your blog while browsing around (it's cold here and not much else to do.) It's been frigid here in NC,but no snow. However, the white stuff is predicted for tomorrow.
We'll get out the hot chocolate and enjoy the scenery--from the inside!

Jimmie Earl said...

Don, Thanks for reading my blog. Always nice to have new readers. Yes, it's cold here and LOTS of snow. I haven't been out of the house except to the trash bin and let the dog out since last Wednesday evening. Even then it was snowing. We have sub zero temps and high winds. Most schools and businesses around here operating on abbreviated schedules, or not at all! Enjoy your wintry weather from inside. I am.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Jimmie Earl, my it has been a long time between blog visits. So glad I stopped in today from AC's blog and enjoyed catching up on all your snow and family photos, such lovely grands, and now the holidays are just a sweet memory. We have also had our share of cold temps and even a couple of significant (for here) snowfalls, but yours has been more than plentiful and lovely. I agree with you that having a supply of books, food, and a warm place to be is how to spend the time. By the way, drop in to our blog anytime for a visit.