Sunday, January 12, 2014

The next generation

Because of the bad weather, we finally were able to have our family Christmas celebration this past week.  It was a good time had by all.  I personally had a riot just watching the grandchildren.  So much so, that I needed to share them all with you.
They range in age from 20yrs old to 11 months.  How much more can a grandpa ask for?  My children assure me that this is all there will be.  My oldest grandson has decided after being here Tuesday evening, that though he enjoyed his small cousins, fatherhood probably isn't for him!  Maybe this will change.



Terry said...

Go Grandpa JE! Grand parenting beats parenting hands down, doesn't it. My oldest grandchild is 17 and youngest is 18 months (I have seven in all!) Maybe I'll be a great grandpa one of these times. If you were able to all be together because of the weather; that's one good thing that came of the storm.

Curley said...

What a great picture. Just to see them all smiling and having a good time

Anvilcloud said...

How nice that you all got together like that. I would almost bet on Mr 20 changing his mind some day.