Thursday, January 02, 2014

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful!

But inside it is delightful.  Yeah, it's once again snowing here in the middle of  Northern Indiana.  We had a big snow a couple weeks ago, (by big I mean about 6-8 inches) and it was all melted off and the temps went up.  We had mud!  Then the temps crashed down again, freezing the mud, and bringing on more snow.  It began snowing last night about 8:30 PM and hasn't stopped yet and it is now 10:30 AM.  I would guess that we have about 6 inches on the ground right now and more expected.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny with a high temp of 19F.  Then, the temps are going up and we can expect another bout of snow with accumulations of another 8-10 inches by Monday morning then temps dipping to a high of -4F and -3F on Monday and Tuesday.  Why am I telling you all of this.  Well, I know that readers like Terry and John are laughing!  They both live in regions of North America where they get snow by the foot, not by the inch.  I know that my "sister-of-the-spirit" Mellodee in Austin is probably doing a "happy dance" that she no longer lives in the Chicago area where they are getting even more snow than I am!
Maggie, (my daughter has decided that Prof is not an appropriate name for her on here since she has given up teaching college) had a job interview in Ohio this afternoon.  She was all ready, with all the stuff she needed for the interview.  She is ticked, to say the least, that this snow has caused her to miss the interview, though the interviewing people were very understanding when they talked a bit ago.  The place where she was to go is now having freezing rain and it is expected to change to snow later as the temps drop.  She had a 4 hour drive and in checking with INDOT and OHDOT, I don't think she would have even gotten two hours away from home before she would have had to turn back.  So, the interview is being rescheduled for either tomorrow or sometime next week.
I had an appointment at the lab for my semiannual bloodwork this morning.  I took one look outside, noticed that a snow plow has not been down our street yet, and called and rescheduled for tomorrow.  The appointment scheduler sorta laughed at me, but hey, she's about 5 years old (read here..much younger than me) and probably has a 4 wheel drive vehicle, and she said that it wasn't too bad out there.  Yeah, right.  I told her that someone my age has no business out in this, and she did agree with me and apologized for being glib.
So all in all, we're staying in today and hoping that tomorrow is at least clear enough for us to be out and about.  So to all of you in the north, keep on laughing, in the south, do your happy dance, and I will grab the shovel later on and start digging my way out!  Have a great day wherever you are!



Curley said...

That is if it ever stops snowing. Hunter boy just laughs and says how much he loves snow. But he also says he doesn't like the cold. If we could have one without the other, he would be happy. I think I would agree. I just wish they had those heaters under all the roads and sidewalks to melt the snow. Be careful when you do start shoveling.

Terry said...

The weather here has been mild the last few days (high 30's low 40's).
As I age I am less tolerant of the cold and I stopped hunting and skiing years ago. I think there are three consistently cold areas in the Continental US and two are in Montana. West Yellowstone, Cut Bank, and International Falls, Mn. We are 80 miles from West Yellowstone and get more than our share of snow. I've gone through four snow blowers in the last forty years (one every ten years, I guess). At this point I don't know if we will have a mini ice age or global warming but I refuse to buy another snow blower after this one dies.
Stay warm, JE.

Anonymous said...

I live in Maine and we have snow, ice and now back to more of the same. I kind of miss driving my car but the roads have been terrible. Thanks to Jeff and his 4wheel drive truck, been taking me to work for 3 days now, before he goes to work in the different direction. Can't wait for the sun to shine, so I can drive my little car. Yes I know that I need to get a Google Account, hate this Anonymous Identity!! Marian

Anvilcloud said...

The polar vortex is bringing us quite a winter. You might even be getting more snow than us. The things is -- ours stays. We are expecting almost an inch of rain of the weekend, but that won't be enough to wash it all away.