Wednesday, February 12, 2014

And the Cold Continues

The cold continues here in the Midwest.  This morning the temps are well below 0, and the icicles are hanging without drips.  My back porch is amass with ice where the ice dams have overcome the gutters and have dripped .  I salt periodically, which helps while the sun is out, but then all that "wet" freezes at night.  I have been using my other door and walking around the house to get into the garage rather than risking falling on the ice.  There are virtual mountains of snow everywhere.  Now the weather prognosticators are saying that a warming trend is headed our way and the temperature may hit above freezing by next midweek! 
I am not really complaining about the cold.  I am just tired of it, and the snow.  Some of you live where this would seem like a party, but those of us in the Midwestern USA just aren't used to this bitter cold and this much snow.  I feel blessed that I have a warm (?) house, and plenty to eat.  My power hasn't wavered once, and the phone, cable and internet service has not been interrupted.  I have an adequate supply of reading and crafting materials.  My neighbor has been more than helpful in removing snow.  My great friend Curley calls me at some point every day to check on me.  So, this being said, I am lucky.  And feel extremely blessed.    Spring will definitely be welcome this year!



Terry said...

We were going to make a trip to Kalispell to visit my daughter (a six hour drive in good weather) but the weather prediction is freezing rain, then snow, and wind gusts up to 60 mph. The weather people say travel is dangerous. I guess we'll be housebound 'til spring. Next year we're gonna have a talk with Punxsutaxney Phil!

Curley said...

I say we need a new groundhog next year.

Anvilcloud said...

It's bound to get better soon. Our temps are going to get close to freezing next week. I may have to get out my shorts.

Jimmie Earl said...

AC: I see by the extended forecast that our temps might go as high as the mid 50s by next week. I have been thinking about getting out the shorts and flip flops!