Thursday, February 06, 2014

Digging out One More Time!

I won't bore you with all the details, but we got pounded with another 10 inches of snow Tuesday night.  Yesterday was spent clearing walks one more time.  The city is running out of places to pile snow, so it is being loaded into trucks and dumped somewhere else.  I cannot get to my tool shed without walking through 3 feet of snow.  Lucky for me, my shovel was propped against the back of the house. 
Today it is cold but the sun is shining.  Maybe there is hope that Spring is "just around the corner."
I have a great neighbor who got a new snow blower this season and he is keeping the shared alleyway and his drive as well as mine cleared.  I am not planning any great outings, but I can get out if I have to.  Thanks to this much younger, energetic fellow.  I feel that I owe him something. I offered.  He said NO!  This is definitely an example of what being a "good neighbor" is all about.



Terry said...

It's just a miserable winter this year. Today we broke the record for low temperatures. The record low for here on February 6 was -28 today it is -30. I'm over it! Come on spring!

Anvilcloud said...

We had a neighbour who would do that for us from time to time before we hired the job out. We would purchase some sort of gift card at winters end.

Curley said...

We also have a very nice neighbor that plows our drive and won't let us give him anything to help with fuel. Gift card might be a way to go for us.