Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Next to Christmas, this is the hardest holiday for me.  It holds so many memories for me.  The grade school Valentine parties, the sweetheart dances in High School.  The many cards and letters I got from my sweety while I was in college, encouraging me to carry on after my dad had passed away.  He knew her, and loved her and thought I had finally found the right one.  He didn't live long enough to see us married, but I knew he was there in spirit.
I remember getting engaged in February of 1969, and married in August.  Then there were the 38 years of celebrating Valentine's Day with my wife.  Some years we went out to celebrate, some years not.  Some times there was candy and flowers and some years not.  But, there was always love.
We never expected it to end.  At least not so soon.  But it did.  But the memories are still there.  I still have some of the cards she sent me or gave me or I found on my pillow at bedtime.  I can no longer remember any specific Valentine's Day except the first one, right after we met.  We met on a blind date, in November of 1967.  That first Valentine"s Day, I had my photo made for her and gave her a heart shaped necklace.  Cheesy, huh!  Well, surprises of surprises, she had had her photo made for me and gave me a sterling silver tie tack.  Our minds even then, seemed to be on the same wave length.  As time went by, we found that often we seemed to be thinking the sames things at the same time.  It was as if we were soul mates from the very beginning. 
Yes, the memories linger on.  All good!



Terry said...

Through the human experience, the greatest attribute we posses, in my opinion, is the loyalty love and dedication we have for the mate we have chosen to spend our lives. I hold your strength and loyalty in the highest regard and thank you for reflecting such a nice tribute for the mate that was taken from you. I don't think I could survive the loss you have endured.

Curley said...


Anvilcloud said...

We also got together in '67 and married in '69. I would miss her terribly, so I feel for you.