Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Tribute to Country Music???????

I just watched a special on PBS hosted by Roy Clark. Egads! There is a reason for retirement. Come on people. Glen Campbell singing some of the songs he made famous, was nauseating. What happened to his voice? Also, he suddenly looks so old. Do I? Maybe so, but I ain't gettin' up in front of millions of people and making an ass of myself. Patty Page sang "Tennessee Waltz." Now there's a song. But, maybe it should now be sung my Martina McBride. Of course, Chrystal Gayle sang, "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue." Other than the now un-becoming hair do, or lack thereof, she still looks pretty damn good, and sounds good, too. She graduated just a couple of years behind my late wife, Tilly. We knew her when she was still Brenda Webb.

Roy Clark looks pretty rough. Especially with the bad hair piece, and his eyes glued to the cue cards.

By now you are probably asking why I didn't just turn it off. Well, I like country music and I just kept hoping the show would get better. It didn't!

Peace and Hope!


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