Monday, May 31, 2010


Everyone should be fortunate enough to have a brother and sister-in-law like mine. They came to my house from Texas last Thursday. Since then, they have treated me and mine to two meals out, visits to the ice cream shoppe, and what's more, they have helped me trim trees and bushes all over my yard. Bro is a whiz with a pair of lopping shears, and my SIL is a master gardener, and knows all about flowers, bushes and trees. So she not only pruned and trimmed, she supervised the trimming of the trees. Then we all lugged the trash to the street for city pickup. SIL has cooked wonderful meals while she has been here.
I guess they are heading for home tomorrow, and I will miss them. I had the chance to ride back with them, but I have some singing obligations ahead of me, plus I just need time to decompress after school is out. They are coming back for a family thingy on the other side of the family in July plus to visit their son in Wisconsin, and I might go home with them then, and fly back when I get good and ready.
They are both such fine people. They mean a lot to me and have really been my salvation since my loss. I thank God every day for a brother like mine. And the gal he married, who is more that a sister-in-law; she's a sister.

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Curley said...

It's so nice that when two brothers are so close that they have wives that just fit right in like they were there since birth. Glad you are having a great visit and I can't wait to see the beautiful things you have done to the yard.