Saturday, May 08, 2010

What I Read #32

Holly Blues by Susan Wittig Albert: I love the China Bayles character in this series of books by Albert. She is smart, fresh, crafty and has a good sense of business about her. She married, has a stepson and an adopted daughter, along with a bassett hound named Howard Cossell. China and her partner in business/crime, the tall, beautiful, Ruby Wilcox go on yet another crime-solving trek. A trek filled with humor, fear, and some helpful tips about herbs. Packed in the back of her book, China (Albert) lists the recipes that are mentioned throughout the book.
I had read all of Albert's "China Bayles" novels while my wife was alive. They were some of her favorites. But, China had sort of fallen off my "reading radar" in the past couple of years. Welcome back, China!
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