Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eight Days...but who's counting!

Only eight more school days until retirement! I can hardly wait. I am really having a hard time concentrating on the things I need to be concentrating on, but I am trying. I have this attitude of "I don't care." Now, don't get me wrong. I do care about the kids. I really do, but the drama and the minor infractions, well, I just don't care. I am turning a blind eye to the ipods, cell phones, mp3 players and all the other stuff the kids are not supposed to have in the classroom. I don't care! I feel that I have to pick my battles, and those are some I don't want to fight any more. Now, the administrator in our building has said no food, water bottles, or pop cans in any other area of the school but the cafeteria. I don't care. What if they have a sore throat, or allergies? Maybe they need water. So, what is the big friggin' deal? We have mops in the building if there is a spill. It is just pissing the kids off more and making discipline worse. Now, the disrespect in the classroom, the disrespect for other teachers, myself or the kids either in the class or in the hall is something I still care about. That is where I will draw the line up until I walk out of the building for the last time. I won't allow it in my class room and I cannot tolerate it in other areas of the school. I have one teacher that I work with one period of the day that tolerates disrespect of him, the students and me. It makes my blood boil almost everyday. I even went so far as to tell one girl in class to sit down. She was standing up in class stretching her legs by doing pseudo karate kicks in the aisle. She sassed me back, and I told her she was just annoying, then I picked up my books and walked out. What they gonna do, fire me?
It's time to go. I am running low on patience. Like I said, only 8 more school days to go.

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