Friday, November 29, 2013

A Time to be Grateful.

My blogging friend and "Sister-in-Spirit" posted this really neat list of things she was grateful for on her blog, Mellodee musings" yesterday.  Well, I can't let her "out do" me, so I put in some time coming up with some of the things I am grateful for, not only this time of Thanksgiving, but every day.

Here's my list:

Art:  Whether it is painting, sculpture, handwork, writing, or any other          form, there for us to enjoy.
Bandanas:  Those colorful pieces of material that keep the sweat out of   my eyes, and the dust from my throat.
Children:  Mine, others, all shapes and sizes, and different personalities.  They all add so much to my life.
Dramas:  And comedies both on the stage and screen.
Envelopes:  They hold so many secrets, and also are handy for storing those pesky craft things.
Friends:  I would hate to imagine my life without my friends.
Grandkids:  I have 4.  They each, in their own way, have brought so much joy into my life.
Handles:  Handles make life so much easier.
Ice cream:  My favorite food group. 
James:  You have probably figured out that Jimmieearl is a pseudonym.  But my real name is James, so is my son, as was my grandfather, and great grandfather.
Kaleidoscopes: Those beautiful colors and shapes that are one-of-a-kind and ever changing.
Letters:  From friends and relatives.  Sadly, the writing of letters is becoming a lost art.
Money: Yes, I am thankful for money.  Come on, give me a break!  It’s our exchange currency and where would we be without it?  I don’t happen to agree that it is “the root of all evil.”
Napkins:  Whoever invented these little “mop-ups” had a great idea.  They keep the dregs of my meals from my shirt front, and they come in handy for mopping up those table top spills.
Outdoors:  I love the wide open spaces and being outdoors in all kinds of weather (except, maybe a tornado or something.)  I try to get “out” every day.
Paper:  I’m a paper crafter; need I say more?
Q-Tips: Those short sticks with a tuft of cotton on each end are marvelous for cleaning out tiny little crevices between the keyboard keys, as well as the many craft uses.  Keep them from your ears, though!
Reminders:  At my age, I need the “string-around-the –finger” reminder more and more.  So post-it notes and calendars are good things to have around.
Students:  I knew many, some I cherish a little more than others, but they all added something special to my career and life.
Tissues:  In my world of allergies, they come in handy.  They are also good for wiping away the tears of life, and spit-cleaning little faces.
Up:  It’s a direction.  It’s the only way to go when I am down either emotionally or physically.  Besides, it’s a good “U” word.
Voice:  I love to sing; therefore I am thankful for my voice and the ability to use it for the pleasure of singing.
Walks:  Walking is healthy and lets me get out of the house and into nature and/or around people.
Xylophones: What beautiful music these instruments make!
Yarn:  As a crocheter, yarn is a beautiful thing, that takes a little imagining. 
Zippers:  Another miraculous invention that makes life so much easier.

Happy Thanksgiving and Peace,


Marcia said...

Can I contribute my own "L" word?

Happy day-after.

Curley said...

Very nice list.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog. Things are getting better for me every day. I thank you for the help you gave me about the lost of my Dad. I am Thankful for people like you, who share their life with us.