Friday, November 22, 2013

Just a Memory

Fifty years ago today, JFK was assassinated.  He was my hero.  I remember being a freshman in High School and we had a mock election in 1960, and I voted for him.  I was young but so was he.  He represented hope for our generation.  His "Ask Not" speech made such a lasting impression on me.

I was a freshman in college when he was killed.  It was finals week.  I was taking an art class, Design I.  We had a take-home final.  I was working on it in our basement family room.  I remember Mom coming down and telling me to turn on the TV, and that President Kennedy had been shot.  It was beyond belief for me.  I was devastated right along with the rest of the nation.  I remember watching every minute of coverage from then on.  My brother and I ate and slept in front of the TV. until after the funeral.  College classes were cancelled, and finals postponed.

Recently, I visited Dallas, walked along the street where it all happened.  Visited the Kennedy memorial, and took the tour of the book depository where Oswald allegedly fired the fatal shot.  It has been made into a museum.  Very interesting.  On the street, there are people who have different theories about what happened, and show you the sewer grate where another gun was found.

There are all kinds of thought about what really happened.  As far as I am concerned, the reality of what happened was that my hero, John F. Kennedy was killed.  Brought down before he had a chance to really make a difference.  I am still sadden by this.  I still wonder what kind of a nation we live in that allows these things to happen .  It is my hope that our nation has become stronger from this tragedy and that JFK did not die in vain.



Anvilcloud said...

Even Canadians remember where they were that day.

Jimmie Earl said...

AC: I'm sure you do. It was an event that shook the entire world.

Terry said...

I was a freshman in HS. We all learned of his death in our lunch room. What a sad day it was for all of us.