Sunday, November 17, 2013

Off with the old..On with the NEW!

Any of you that follow me on Facebook or have read this blog for a while, know that my house has needed a new roof for quite some time.  Last spring, we had damaging winds, hail and rain that did extensive damage to our area, thus making getting anything done by contractors in a timely fashion, almost impossible.  I contracted with a local roofing firm on May 31st for a new roof.
Last Thursday, November 14th, the roofing firm came to install my new roof.  It is now done, and I am so excited to have a new roof, that I need to share it with the world. (Or my little corner of it, anyway.)

 As you can see here, the old cedar shingles that were under layers of asphalt shingles have been removed.  Levi and Homer are putting up new sheeting over the 100 year old timbers that the old shingles were nailed to.
 Here's the new roof going on.  It goes pretty fast when you have two strong guys and power nail guns doing the job.

And here's the finished product.  Since we don't have a "homeowner association,"  we can do whatever we please with our homes, and since RED is my favorite color, well, need I say more. By the way, the front entrance of my house, behind the lattice, has a bright red front door, too.

This is the first time in 43 years as a home owner that I have had to put on a new roof.  I think it looks great!



Curley said...

I think it looks more that great. It's perfect. I'm so happy for you.

Marcia said...

Woo! That's nice! What a difference a new roof can make. I love the idea of a bight red door, too.

Anvilcloud said...

Gotta love that red. I wonder if this will last 43 years? We had ours done 4 years ago, and it already has some blow-off. Sigh.

Jimmie Earl said...

AC, I doubt it will last 43 years, but it does have a 30 year warranty on the shingles. I will be 98 when that is up and I doubt if I will be too worried about a roof at that stage. I told my kids that, and they just glared at me!?!
Thanks for the compliment on the red. I wanted something besides either the black or gray/green that seems like everyone else has. I only know of one other red roof in town, which makes both houses unique, in a way. Mine is old, but just the right size for me. I like it and the neighborhood, so here's where I will probably be until they carry me out, toes up! LOL!

Terry said...