Monday, November 25, 2013

Just Something I noticed This Morning!

I go to our local YMCA to exercise every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.  I was a little behind schedule this morning. On purpose, I might add.  I decided to wait until a little later, go exercise, then run my errands after the bank, grocery and library were open.
I noticed several cars pulling into the Y parking lot as I was leaving.  These were people who were coming to exercise, work out or play basketball or tennis.  And they were actually parking as close to the building as they could get.  Now, I don't part waaaaaay out in the accross-the-street parking lot, but I do park quite a way from the front door.  To me it seems a little redundant to park right by the doors when you are going to exercise.  I don't know, maybe it's just me, but if I am well enough to exercise, lift weights, and walk a mile or two on the track, I should be able to park out away from the building. 
You know, I knew some of these people, and they are like my kid's ages.  Hello!  Where is there sense of adventure?  Or was it just to cold for them today?  Enough ranting!



Curley said...

They are probably the same ones that park in the handicap parking without having a handicap tag.

Anvilcloud said...

Good observation. Ever since our accident, I find myself parking way out where there are no other cars. I don't know why exactly, since our accident had nothing to do with parking lots.

Terry said...

I think too many have grown up in the "I and Me" society and have little regard for others. I always park far away from my destination where I think my car is safe from their car doors slamming into the side of my car.