Monday, March 31, 2014

Back in the Saddle ( or treadmill) Again!

I was doing so well.  I was getting up early, going to the local YMCA, walking on the track, then working out on some of the available equipment that wouldn't kill me.  Then, after Christmas, it was so cold, and I had one ailment after the other, mostly in the form of ear infections, and a cold.  And it was so damn cold outside!  O did I just say that?  Well, it was. I lost all desire to even step outside, except to bring in the mail.
Now, it's getting warmer, we did spring forward to "daylight savings time" a few weeks ago, so now it's light out by the time I arise.  I have gotten in the bad habit of staying up until the wee hours, then sleeping in.  I have to get back in the habit of getting up and getting going.  My ambition is not there like it was.  I would rather stay home, drink a cup of coffee or two or three and read a good book or craft or watch Netflix..That's the habit I have fallen into during this past super cold winter.  And my waistline is showing it.
So, in the near future, I will be forcing myself to rise earlier and go back to the Y.  I know it will be like starting all over again....and I was doing so well.
But not tomorrow.  I have a breakfast date with two good friends, and then we are going to do some retail therapy.  Maybe the day after that or the day after that.



Anvilcloud said...

I have a few stretches to do, and I am not getting to them these days. My get-up-and-go has got-up-and-went. But after a major snow yesterday, it's actually pleasant today, so we shall go for a little walk anyway.

Terry said...

No need to rush into anything. I like the routine you've established. ;0)

Curley said...

It was so beautiful outside today. Just getting out in the warmth (finally) and sunshine should make the getting up easier. Just have to learn not to stay up all night watching the movies. Had a great time today and breakfast with friends is always a good way to start the day. We both should have had the oatmeal or fruit bowl.