Saturday, March 08, 2014

Saturday Thought

As I sit here with my Saturday cuppa, I have been thinking about my life, as one who is aging is wont to do sometimes.  I know this is not too profound but here's what I have come up with.

    When I was young, going out into the world, I was a "half" looking for someone special to make a "whole."  I found that someone and had the "whole" life for almost 40 years.  Now I am a "half" again.  I am not especially looking for another special someone to make me a "whole" again.  If I spend the rest of my life as a "half," I'm okay with that.

As I reread this, it makes me think that I might be more profound than I thought.



Curley said...

Very Profound!

Marcia said...

All I would need would be my memories, lots of cereal and mac and cheese, crossword puzzles, books, Jeopardy, and a big, fluffy cat.
And of course someone to discuss the books with.
Oh yeah,and a repairman on speed dial. Perhaps one who also likes Jeopardy.
Guess I'm not so self-sufficient after all.

Jimmie Earl said...

Marcia: I have all those things except the big fluffy cat. NO CATS allowed in my house. Don't like cats, but to each his own.(But the right DOG might be a different story.) Oh, I could use that repairman on speed dial, too. Seems like when I try to repair something, it always cost more than repairmen, and I end up calling them anyhow! Love Jeopardy, try to never miss it! Thanks for commenting.