Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Both Monday and Tuesday I took a cuppa out on my back step and sat in the sunshine and listened to the snow melt.  It was 60F out there.  I put on a hat, but was in my shirt sleeves.  This morning I woke up to about a kazillion inches (6") of new snow and temps hovering around 28 degrees, with promise of it plummeting to single digits tonight!  What is with Mom Nature.  Someone in the Midwest really pissed her off!  The wind is also blowing making travel hazardous and once again schools were canceled.  The snow is so heavy, many homes and businesses are losing power due to snow bringing down the power lines.  It's a good day to stay home and just look out the windows, those that aren't crusted with blowing wet snow.  And to think, there were patches of grass just becoming visible in my yard!  Can't see them now!  Stay warm and safe, everyone!


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Curley said...

Here's to hoping the predictions for Friday are right and some of this will melt off and you can once again see some grass patches. Just glad we don't have to go anywhere today.