Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring cleaning has begun!

Several weeks ago, my daughter decided to move* to the state capitol where her BF lives.  I haven't ventured into the "attic" as she called it, since she has been gone.  It's really the upstairs, which is all one big room.  So, with the impending visit from my brother and his wife in the near future, I decided to get the upstairs room in order.  Curley, my wonderful friend, came in and helped me. 
Maggie was neat and clean, but you know how dust collects and windows need washed etc.  Well, Curley and I moved all the furniture, cleaned blinds, swept, rearranged everything, put up new curtains, and generally just made a nice room look even better. 
This room is 15' wide and 34' long.  Much of what Maggie left behind is stacked behind a decorator screen in one end, leaving the rest of the room a nice size.  After doing all of that, when we came downstairs from working, I told Curley that it made the downstairs look sorta like it needed a good scrubbing.  Plenty of time for that, though, but now I really have Spring fever.  It got up to 60 degrees this afternoon, so after Curley left, I made myself a cuppa tea and went out and sat in the sun on my back step.  I think I could actually hear that 3' snow drift melting.  My yard has lots of shade, even when the trees are bare, so the snow is slow leaving.  But, Spring is definitely in the air and I am so ready!


note*  Maggie's move was a success and she is fully employed and happy!

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Curley said...

So, when do we start on the rest of the house?