Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Letter G

Professor started this list making business. I got the letter G by responding to Maddogg. So here's my list of 10 words beginning with the letter "G" and what they mean and/or their relevance to me or my life.

1. Grandson: I have one. He is the nicest, smartest kid in the world. He has a fantastic sense of humor and is good looking. Obviously, he is the center of the universe for many.

2. "G-spot": A spot on your partner's body where they particularly like to be touched that makes them horny. I'll never tell where mine is, but I have one.

3. Group: A gathering of many really neat people. I sing in a group. I like group hugs.

4. Grace: The tenderness of God's mercy. I have felt it several times in my life, but especially as I grow older.

5. Gravy: A delectable, thick sauce that is poured over my favorites. Especially good is sausage gravy over biscuits, and of course, white chicken gravy over mashed potatoes. This latter has to served with corn. Just a little starch in a meal!!!

6. Green: The color of the outdoors. It should be kept outdoors. I hate green furniture, walls, and decor. Green plants inside the house are okay if somebody else takes care of them. Green is also the color of money. Who doesn't like or need more of it?

7. Grumpy: A feeling like I could pound the crap out of someone. Usually occurs when I haven't had enough sleep. I also get grumpy when someone takes advantage of me or someone I care about.

8. Grease: Could mean the oozy stuff you use to lubricate the important joints on your car. It is the stuff you drain off bacon and sausage. It is also the name of a really bad movie starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. Greasy also describes almost all of the guys hair when I was a kid. "Butch Wax" and "Jeris" were two products we used to keep our D.A. haircuts in place.

9. Grand: As in piano. I always wanted one. I had one. It had a cracked string board, that would have cost a pretty penny to have fixed. So I got rid of it. Want another one. Someday I will have it.

10. Guilt: Being made to feel this really ticks me off. My kids always thought their mom was an expert at dispensing guilt. Like a Jewish Mother, only she is a Methodist. Guilt is something I feel when I sit on the porch when I should be mowing the lawn. But not for long.

Well, there is my list. For all 3 of my readers, I hope you enjoy. If you want a letter, respond to Professor, or Maddogg. I am sure they will be GLAD to GIVE you one. GOOD luck.


Professor said...

Grease is NOT a really bad movie- it is a classic! And i cannot stand green either, and I am not really fond of it outside. And g-spot- oh Goddess, I so didn't need to read that- I need to Gouge out my eyes now...

maddogg said...

I would not go so far as to say that Grease is a classic. I feel that it does have its place in movie history and speak to a generation. Green is surely my least favorite color as well. G-spot?!!?!!?!?! I will pretend that I did not read that one. :-) Overall, a very good list.