Saturday, June 17, 2006

Visiting "da Hube"

A few postings back, I asked all readers to please pray for my buddy "da Hube." Thanks to everyone all over the world who has been praying, Hube is awake and is now progressing towards full recovery. He has been moved to another facility in another city for intense rehab, and I went to visit him, along with Suse and Diva. (An aside here, we all sing together in a quartet)
Well, when we walked in, Hube was delighted. He gave each of us a hug and a high 5. He asked us what was going on out in the real world, and about each of our families and the general chitchat. The he began to talk about his near death experience. This guy actually survived a malady that up to now only has a 2 to 3% recovery rate. Making a very long story shorter, Hube is a changed person spiritually, and he shared that with us. He is so grateful to be alive. He said while he was comatose, he had awful dreams, but was also aware of his wife and daughter talking to him, but he was unable to answer. The cool thing about all of this is that he and his wife are going to write a book. He even asked us for some input when he starts this project.
We all cried together, laughed together, and guess what...we even sang together. Members of the hospital staff gathered in the hall and listened. We raised our voices in praise to the Lord. Hube hasn't lost his voice. He was able to hit those low, rumbly bass notes just like always. Of course we all would have sounded better with our accompanist, but we did alright a capella, too.
Suse, Diva and I all came away feeling better after seeing "da Hube" and knowing that before too long, we will all be together again on stages around our community sharing our music. Hube will be able to share his testimony with a new vigor, and we all will have another reason to be "raising the praise." Once again we have living proof that God is good, all the time.

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