Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Well folks, I finally did it. Today I visited my friendly hair stylist. You know, the one who never can remember which rake she used on my head, remember? Well, I decided to go Q-Ball at least for the summer. I watched as she scooted those clippers over my head rendering me totally skinned, except for the "peach fuzz" which the clippers would not cut. That will come off in the shower with lather and a safety razor. It's been 5 hours now, and I can say that aside from my neck itching from the closeness of the clippers, it's cool.
Feeling air on my head in spots where I have always had hair is weird, but I kinda like it. My wife, Tilly, said she thought it made me look younger, EEEEEE HA!
Facing the people at work in the morning, will be a new experience, but it should be interesting. I am not usually a radical person, and this is probably the most radical thing I have done since getting my ear pierced about 20 years ago. (I pierced it myself in college with a needle and two ice cubes, but my dad about crapped, accused me of being a "hood" and I let it grow closed.) Oh, I did buy a lavender tee shirt the other day. My first venture into the "purple" part of the color wheel. I don't know how well I will like being without hair, but I do know I won't have to worry about buying shampoo or combs. I will just have to lay in a stock of hats and sunscreen. Maybe it's just a "post midlife crisis." Or maybe I am becoming more adventuresome in my older age!


angel81 said...

I'm sure you look very young and handsome. I'll have to come check it out before it grows back.

Professor said...

wow you did it!!!!!!!!!!!! coll- cant wait to see!!!!!!