Friday, June 09, 2006

My Vanity Runs Amok!

Today while showering I decided to once again grow my moutache and goatee. I do this once in a while, just to relieve the motonony of being over 60. Now, let me digress for a bit, and clue you in to the fact that I have lots of facial hair. But very little on the top of my head. I still have the "fringe benefit" but the topknot is really thin and I can see scalp. I am seriously thinking about trying the "Q-Ball" look. So back to the vanity thing.
I am thinking, if I would let my facial hair grow, use "Just for Men" haircolor to darken it, and then shave off the major gray on the top and sides, I would look younger. Not that my age bothers me, but looking even 2 years younger wouldn't hurt. I figure that if I try it over the summer, and I don't like it, I can always grow back head hair, shave off facial hair and then resume the same old look as before and my students will never be the wiser. If it looks good, and everyone likes it, the kids at school will think I am cool.
There is only one drawback! While the rest of the family will accept me any way I am, the lady of the house is being a bit resistant to the idea. I have to take this into consideration since she is the love of my life with whom I eat, sleep, make love, love and cherish, so I really want to keep her happy. I know that even if she doesn't like it or doesn't want me to do it, she will support my decision, crazy though it may be. I think she thinks I will look like I am ill. I figure that if I get out in the sun more, tan the scalp through what little hair I have before I shave it all off, it should work.
Oh what price vanity! Maybe I will just lose 30 pounds while I am at it! Yeah, right! This would mean me giving up chocolate. Me give up chocolate? Never!!

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Anonymous said...

The lady of the house could adapt to the Q-ball look, but would prefer the natural color of facial hair. Might be interesting to see. Love ya, babe. :)