Saturday, January 02, 2010

It is well with my soul.

It's the new year. 2009 came and went. It brought changes in my life. It brought losses, and it also brought the promise of new life.
I have had the privilege of getting to know my daughter all over again. I have gotten to know my grandson better. I have learned a lot more about what makes them both "tick," and am proud of what I have learned. I have watched my son be successful while pursuing his college education. I have watched both he and my daughter-in-law become fabulous parents. It's fun watching them with the Divine Miss K, and knowing she is in such good hands.
Loss in my life this year was met with some trepidation. The loss of both my in-laws ended an era. I faced their loss as matter-of-factually as possible, yet knowing that there was very little love lost on either side. For me, saying "goodbye" to them was done with sort of a sign of relief. No longer was I under their magnifying glass.
The promise of new life came with the news of preparation for another grandchild, due to arrive to my son and family in early June. There is something about the circle of life being completed which brings contentment to me.
I feel promise in the air. Promise of good things happening to my family and I. I know that Professor will find the right job this year, Kiddo will go on to his senior year of high school with high marks, my son will graduate with his degree in criminal justice, and I will be able to retire at long last.
All of these things make me feel content. At peace within myself and reminds me again of the words to my favorite hymn, "It is Well With my Soul.


Curley said...

I love this song and wish I could listen to it but alas with dial-up it is near impossible so not even gonna try. I am glad that you are having a peaceful start to the new year.

Jimmie Earl said...

Curley: Thanks for the good thoughts. I'm sorry you can't listen to this video, but I know how dial-up works. I'll play it for you the next time you're at my house.
I've had such a good vacation, I AIN'T looking forward to going back to school on Tuesday. Retirement is looking better all the time. :)