Friday, January 08, 2010

What I read #2

This was a fantastic read. I had never read this author before. As a matter of fact, Professor brought this home to me on the off-chance that I would like it. I liked it so much that I googled the author to see when his next book would be out. Unfortunately, I found out that he passed away in July, 2009, of leukemia. How sad for his family and sad for his readers. I know he has written a plethora of other books, but I don't want to read them if they would leave me hanging like this one did, and no way to finish the "story." Guess I will have to read something else. Bummer!

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Lilith said...

If he's a really good writer the family may higher "ghost writers" to write more books under his name. That's what V.C. Andrews family has done. She's been dead for quite awhile but based on manuscripts she never finished and such there are still books published by "her".