Friday, August 26, 2011

Another Unbelievable WalMart Experience

Today, after a wonderful breakfast at a local eatery, my good friend Curley and I set out for our WalMart. We strolled around the whole store. I didn't really want to spend much more money this close to the end of the month, and I didn't have anything I needed except a loaf of bread. Curley didn't have a list, but needed to stop in the yarn department, then electronics. Then we traversed to the grocery department where we picked up a few things, checked the price on booze, laughed over a shopper pushing his cart backwards down an aisle, and generally had fun just being goofy. That is until we got to the checkout. I sometimes think the entire gene pool of our checkout staff would fit in a shot glass, but today just cemented that thought into reality. Being the typical WalMart, only 6 of the 22 checkout stations were open. And of course, they were all busy. So, we stood in what had to be the slowest line. I have experienced this cashier before. He is so slow, it's like watching a slow motion film seeing him check out merchandise. But I digress! Finally, it was our turn. I only had 3 items (why didn't I use the Express Lane...DUH!) So I went first. No problem, except for Slo-Mo. He was just slow!!! Then it was Curley's turn. She stood there as Slo-Mo checked out each item. I watched him and he sort of caressed each item as he checked it through the scanner. That was just weird! He said an amount, and my eyes got wide, but it was Curley's stuff and she was paying with her debit card, not mine, so I just stayed quiet. She said to Slo-Mo, that she thought he made a mistake, charging her $92.35 for a package of day old cookies marked $1.94. He gave her a superior look, and said that she would have to take it up with Customer Service since he had already rung up and cashed out her merchandise! Well, I was pissed!!!!! As we walked towards the customer service area, I was ranting and raving about Slo-Mo's stupidity, his ineptitude as a cashier, his ugly "S" shaped posture, and especially his just being an asshat!!
We waited our turn at CS and finally got to see a CS rep. Curley explained to her what had happened. She was very apologetic, and proceeded to take care of the problem. I was still ranting and said that Slo-Mo was a blight on WalMart, which was already blighted in my opinion, but was the only general merchandise store in town, and what choice did we have, and on and on. Then, the CS rep couldn't get the computer to do what it had to do, for when Slo-Mo rang it up, he screwed up the UPC code some way or another, and the CS computer wouldn't pick up the same thread, or some such lingo. Curley, who has plenty of patience, suggested that they just refund the mistaken money, and resell her the cookies at the regular marked price. I was really getting hot about this time and just started to rant again, and Curley turned to me and very nicely said, "why don't you take the cart and go sit on that bench or, you could wait in the car if you want to." I shut up, took the cart, and went to sit on the bench at the edge of the CS area. Fifteen minutes later, here came Curley. She was still smiling and wasn't upset. Just glad she got her $92.35 back. We went on to the car, put our stuff in and sat down. Curley said she thought they gave her back too much money. Turns out that the cookies are a non-taxable item because they are food, and when they refunded Curley's money, they also refunded the 7% state tax on $92.35!! Curley said that maybe she should take it back in. I said, "Hell no!" put the car in gear before she could change her mind and got the heck out of there. She has to go back on Sunday for her regular grocery buying, and knowing her like I do, she will probably cave in and take the receipt and the extra money back. I would just consider it a service charge.
I needed to chill out and relax,so we went to McDonald's and I had a sweet tea!
I am not done, I am composing a letter to WalMart Corporate to tell them about this whole affair. Slo-Mo better watch his "P's and Q's" because I am out to get him. I am just so tired of being treated like crap at their check out counters. I think WalMart sends their cashiers to "Nasty School" before they can become a cashier. I have already shifted my prescriptions to another pharmacy just because of their service at WalMart pharmacy. Kroger Pharmacy has the same low cost prescription program, and are a lot more friendly and efficient.

Rant over, but steam still rolling whenever I think about it!

Peace, (well maybe tomorrow)


Mellodee said...

Gosh, you have SIX checkouts open at the same time????? Wow, I' impressed, we're lucky if ther are four!

There are so many things about Walmart that are just wrong. My daughter won't go there at all, because of their overseas policies. I only go when I am bored and restless and am tired of Target etc.

And yet they are the largest and most successful retailer in the world (??), at least in the USA!

Isn't it amazing what we will put up with to save a bit of money on things that are pretty cheap to begin with?

Curley said...

No I won't be taking the reciept or the money back. I gave it to hubby and he just said, "I guess I won't have to take any money out of the bank next week". It helps that he got profit sharing yesterday. I try not to let those things upset me cause, I figure that the people that work there have enough problems just because they have to work there.
Just wish I had been paying attention while he was scanning the stupid things cause I could have caught it right away and then wouldn't have had to go up to Customer Service.

Jimmie Earl said...

Mel: We live in a very small town and WalMart came in, like they do so many other places, and soon K_Mart closed it's doors, and since then so have some of the other shops. There is no place to buy clothes unless you wants sports gear or western wear except WalMart. Their groceries are a lot cheaper than Kroger, so I shop there to save a few bucks, but I still gravitate to Kroger or a locally owned grocery for meat. WalMart's meat is scary! If I want to really shop for other stuff, I have to drive at least 16 miles to a bigger community. I don't agree with WalMart's overseas policies either, and admire your daughter for sticking to her guns about shopping there. At least you have a plethora of other options. Living in a large metropolitan area has its advantages.

Curley: Duh! We should have counted your items. I know we didn't have over the limit of 21 for Express checkout. What were we thinking??? LOL!

Jimmie Earl said...

Curley: I meant to add to your comment about people who work there because they have to work there: I don't care where a person work, if one has a job of any kind, especially a customer/people related one, one needs to put their best foot forward at all times. Yes, it's stressful, but that is their job, and they need to make the most of it instead of targeting people and making them feel small.
You have a stressful job, and I have NEVER seen you mistreat any of the senior citizens you work with.
If the WalMart people can't cut the stress or dealing with the public, they need to get out of there and find a job digging ditches or sweeping floors, or something where they don't have to have good people skills.
I will cease and desist now. ;>)