Monday, August 01, 2011


August is a month for remembering. On August 2, 1969, I took the one and only stroll down the aisle and got married. A marriage that lasted 38 years, 1 month, 22 days, and 6 hours. It was a hot, sunny day, much like today. The church was packed with family and friends who were brave enough to get out in the heat and into a sanctuary that was totally void of air conditioning. Neither my lovely bride, nor I were nervous. We had memorized our vows, much to our pastor's chagrin. He was afraid we would forget midst ceremony. But we didn't. My new mother-in-law was nervous enough for both of us. She lost it when the soloist sang "Sunrise, Sunset" during the ceremony. (Laugh, but that was a real popular wedding song 42 years ago.) Our reception was held at a local Community Center, which was air conditioned. We served cake and punch, mints and nuts to over 300 people, and had a great time.
Another August memory happened one year later on August 1, 1970. Our first born was stillborn. We don't know why; he was perfectly normal, had all toes, and fingers, no cord wrapped around his neck, but sometime during the birth process, his little heart just quit beating. A heartbreaking event for a newly married couple? Yes. It could have made our marriage a rocky one, but it didn't. It could have shaken our faith in God, but it didn't. If anything, it strengthened us. This tragedy made us closer to each other.
Other things have happened in August, like lost jobs, and lost money, but those things only made us stronger yet.
Watching our children start school each August was fun. I remember Tilly walking the route with a determined Prof for two weeks before her first day of Kindergarten, so Mom wouldn't be walking with her. Little did she know that Mom followed her, at least part of the way that first day, just to make sure she got there okay. When it came time for Lil Bro to go to school, Mom had to practically haul him kicking and screaming out the door and into the school building. He didn't want to go...ever. Still, at age 16, we had to bribe him to keep him in school.
So, as another August begins, it is cause for remembering, Some memories not so fond, some, very nice to remember. It's those memories that have made life interesting and worth living every day.


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Mellodee said...

September is my month for remembering. Daughter born, sister's wedding, brother in-law wedding, best friend's b-day, mom's b-day, parents anniversary....September has a lot of memories. Memories are a good thing, even when they are of a sad occasion.

Oh by the way, what's funny about "Sunrise, Sunset"?? I sang it at a couple of weddings!! (Of course, they were about 40 years ago too. lol!) Actually, what I sang more often was "The Wedding Prayer" also from "Fiddler", "...May the Lord preserve and protect you, may he always shield you from pain, May you always be, in paradise a shining name....."

Beautiful song! Beautiful show!
Hey, did I ever tell you I played Golda in that show?? One of my favorite roles. Fits my personality! LOL! One of the best ever!