Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Rain and Other Stuff

It rained last night. I have no idea how much, but there are puddles out there! The lightening was beginning to flash as I turned off my bedside reading light, and I struggled to stay awake to see if it would rain. But, alas, I fell asleep and missed it. (Good thing though, because last evening I told my daughter and grandson that if it actually rained, I was going out on the back step and sit in it in my underwear...without an umbrella!) Things look a little greener, and now the weeds will continue to grow. Maybe the grass will too.
Right now it is gray and gloomy and I am hopeful that we might get a little more of the wet stuff. I am getting a new internet, cable, and phone provider today, and I don't know if they are too keen on getting on the truck lift to string wire if there is lightening in the area. I know I wouldn't be.
I am fighting another ear infection, or what feels like one. I can hear the "thump thump" of my heartbeat in there, and it snaps and cracks, and has some drainage. I have a new med that I am suppose to use at the first sign, so maybe this will be the one that works.
I am not looking forward to the biopsy that is coming up in just 14 days. Guys that have had them tell me that the discomfort is minimal, but that doesn't allay my fears too much. More, I am concerned with what the Dr. will find once he gets there. That is the scary part. I correspond regularly with an old friend who is wife to a physician. She talked to him, and he passed along the advice that this type of test is the only way to be sure there is nothing wrong with the prostate, and the PSA blood tests are not always accurate.
We must all be careful out there on the streets now. School is beginning in many areas, and kids are once again afoot. They seem to think that the crosswalks and signals and signs are for everyone else but them. So, please watch out for the kids!
I continue to crochet. It is a good pastime for sitting in the AC, and we all know just how much time we have spent in the AC this summer, and my recent electric bill, which I received this AM reflects it. Ouch! I want to say that it is worth every penny of it, but those are mighty precious pennies. The utility companies have us all by the short hair in this day and age. But that's fodder for another blog, another day.


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Curley said...

Sorry to hear about the possibility of more ear problem. I can tell you not to worry about the other but if it was me, I would probably be worried too. Just take it one day at a time. Sister has her surgery on Monday.