Monday, August 08, 2011

Lots to Choose From

Last week I changed my carrier service for my internet, cable, and phone. I can't remember when my late wife and I subscribed to the one we had, but past billings showed that over the years, the price had nearly doubled. So it was time to go cheaper. It's the only utility that I can have any say-so on how much I am charged.
I called a new provider in town, got a quote, and made the change. After I was all connected, the technician handed me a sheet with items circled. The items circled was what came with my new cable package. Wow! I didn't even know that many channels existed out there on the air waves. I can watch all kinds of cooking shows, numerous sports channels, lots of movies and of course, my favorite, Create, a channel for crafters, gardeners, and cooks, with some travel thrown in. I even have this new box included in my package that lets me record stuff automatically. A DVR. Wow, again!
Now I have to figure out how to run a new remote, and where to find my most watched channels. CBS, my favorite, is no longer found on channel 2. It is now on 15. I haven't even found the Fox network channel yet, but have to do that before the new season for Glee comes on. I did find lots of Major League Baseball games on Saturday. Wow! Once again!
I can even watch old Country Music videos, and listen to all kinds of music. My brother will be in "bliss" the next time he comes to visit, for now I have the Western Channel.
Lots to learn, and for a person who watches very little TV, maybe it's over the top. But, hey, it was the cheapest, on special, deal they had, and the price is locked in until January, 2013. Who knows, maybe they won't raise the rates even then. Yeah, right. But until then, I can enjoy all this and more, and be saving $35.00 a month in the process. Go me!

Technically challenged,


Curley said...

I am so jealous and you know why. Any time you can save money.

Jimmie Earl said...

Curley: I want something besides dial-up. It's a sacrifice one has to make to live on 15 acres of beautiful country ground, where the deer and the raccoons roam. Also buffalo not too far away, just not on the prairie.
I wish there was a way you all could have reasonably priced high speed internet.
Got my first bill from my new server and am saving 32 dollars and change per month from the old one.