Thursday, August 04, 2011

Did I Say"Crochet?"

Yes I did! Last winter I was bored, and housebound much of the time, simply because it was too cold to get out and to much snow to get about. So, Curley taught me to crochet. Does this make me a sissy? Oh, I don't think so.
In my research about crocheting, I found it interesting that there really isn't much history about crochet. But I did learn that in earlier times, while women actually did the spinning of the wool into yarn, men would crochet the yarn into usable cloth and clothing. Those beautiful Irish sweaters were often knit by men, too.
For centuries fishermen have mended their own nets. Yes, they use a shuttle-like bobbin instead of a hook, but the basic series of loops and knots they use are the same as the "fillet" stitch used in crochet. I wonder if that is why it is called "fillet." Interesting.
I wonder why our society puts so much stock in what is stuff that women do, and what is stuff that men do. I also do laundry, cook and clean. So why do I feel like I need to keep the fact that I can sew, and crochet a little quiet? Might someone think lesser of me? Maybe, but at my age, I shouldn't care. And, really I don't.
Word is getting out, though, because I have donated several pieces to my church's prayer shawl ministry. I also have made them for friends and family.
This is an interesting hobby, not too expensive, and one that is pretty rewarding when I see the finished product. I do find it hard to stick to a set pattern. I want to change little things along the way. Creative and fun! What more can an artsy ask for!!


Mellodee said...

It doesn't make you a sissy, it makes you a Renaissance Man!

Sometimes repetitive crafts like this are good for the soul.

As for making changes and not following the pattern exactly is what artists do, the rest of us just do what they tell us and make it so that it looks just like everyone else's!

What an interesting mix you are!

Curley said...

I have heard of football players that crochet or needlepoint. As for making changes in patterns, that is how you get something new and like nothing anyone else has made. The baby blanket I just finished is a pattern that I modified. Create away.

booknut said...

I want to learn!!!!!! Teach me! Teach me!!! :)