Monday, August 12, 2013

50 years? Really?

Note:  This post might sound a little harsh in spots, but really, it is meant in the nicest way.

This past weekend was my 50th year High School reunion.  I was reluctant to go, because as I have stated before, my HS years were pretty miserable. I wasn't well, had lots of social issues, and quite frankly, my peers treated me pretty miserably.  I went to a very small county school.  That was back in the day when every township had a school, grades 1-12.  Sometime during either my Freshman or Sophomore years, the county decided to consolidate schools into 3 bigger schools.  Parents were in an uproar.  My mom, being an educator, and my dad being a manufacturing executive,(even tho he graduated from that school 30+ years previously,) were all in favor of the consolidation.  It would save money in the long run, and offer so much more education-wise.  By the time the new schools were built, and the actual move took place, I was a senior.  I went from a class of 26 to a class of 110, (which was large back in those days...not so much now).  It was a big adjustment for all of us.  Most of my  25 classmates had heard from their parents that it was going to be awful, so they didn't make much of an effort.  They remained in the shadows, stuck together, and were generally a miserable bunch.  Mom and Dad convinced me that I could really have a better education there, and that I should join in and have a fun, yet productive Senior year.  So I did. I didn't ignore the other 25 classmates that came along, but I did join choir, the drama club and became a member of National Honor Society and joined the yearbook staff.  I made pretty decent grades and also had fun.  Still, to this day, those, or what's left of the other 25 classmates resent me for becoming "one of them." (Like I was one of the Pod People!)
     I wondered how the reunion would go.  Well, I didn't go!  I went to an informal gathering at a local watering hole the night before and had a great time.  The "full blown" reunion was on Saturday night and was very expensive.  I couldn't see spending a lot of cash to spend the evening with people I didn't care that much about any more.  Does that make me a bad person??  Hope not.
   At the informal gathering, it was interesting to sit back and watch the classmates in action.  I sat, beer in hand with some classmates, and just people watched.  I decided that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  The "social cliques" were still the same.  The snotty gal that thought she was hot stuff in HS, still thought she was hot stuff, and was just as snotty.  But, she still looked GOOD!  At age 68, she must have been living right some way or another.  As a matter of fact, most of the women that showed up looked damn good for their age.  Us guys...not so much.  (My friend Curley says that's because of all the "look-good" products out there for women.)  Wow!  Even my old "flame" looked REAL good!  And, no, I was leering, just noticing!  LOL!
     Most of the classmates that attended that gathering were, of course, classmates from the "other" class.  They were kind and friendly to me, and generally, I think everyone had a good time.  I am glad I at least did that part of the reunion.  And, you know, as I sat at home on Saturday night, I wondered who showed up and who didn't, but that part of my life is gone, and somehow, I really don't care that much anymore.



Curley said...

Also women always want to look better than the one they are sitting next too. Women and men alike. The men will be jealous of their husbands and the women will be envious of how well they still look.

Anvilcloud said...

So far, I have not gone to any reunion of any kind, and I do not intend to.

Marcia said...

If I could relive any part of life, it definitely would not be high school. I skipped my 50th also. But I do regret that I didn't learn geography; if I could redo that, I'd pay attention.

Jimmie Earl said...

Marcia: It's never too late to learn stuff. You might take a course in geography at your local community college. They might let you audit (sit in but no credit, no tests) for a nominal fee.
I tell my kids that I am going to take an art appreciation class locally every once in a while, but I still haven't done it. (Talk is pretty cheap isn't it?? LOL!)