Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Along Came a Spider

Since my son and his family have moved, both he and his wife have had spider bites.  Or at least that is what the medical pros seem to think.  Son had a bite of some sort on the back of his left calf.  It didn't seem to heal or get any better.  He went to the doctor, finally, last week and the doc sent him directly to the ER at the local hospital.  The staff there took one look at it and began prepping him for surgery.  A few hours later, he had a two inch wide, three quarter inch deep "hole" in his calf where the insect, think brown recluse spider here, had burrowed in.  But now it is healing, yet he has had to miss a bunch of work and be laid up for over a week now and is off another week.  Daughter-in-law was luckier.  Her bite was in the tissue right where the arm meets the torso.  She caught hers in time, got an antibiotic, and it began healing.  She was lucky.  It looks like it might scar a little, but otherwise is almost healed.
Where did they stir up a spider nest, you might ask?  Well, they just moved.  That involved moving several, and I mean several, boxes from their garage to the new house, which they brought into the house and stored in one room until unpacking began.  I swept out the cleaned out garage as they moved, and I can testify that they had LOTS of spider nests and nits out there.  Glad I was wearing gloves and a hat that day.  Secondly, since moving, they have had the whole house rewired from spindle and tube wiring to today's code-worthy wire.  That involved having electricians there every day cutting holes in walls and floors, and dragging new wires in and old wires out.  In a house that is over 100 years old, think of how many spider nests have been stirred up there.
Son claims that at his work they have numerous spiders.  That's okay, but his wife is never there, so it is my opinion that the spider bites had to be gotten at home.  My hope is that they will get an exterminator to come in now that the wiring is done, the holes are patched and the electricians are gone.  I also hope that they get all the boxes unpacked, and out of the house.  I fear that the spiders are lurking in the corners just waiting to pounce on the children.  Makes my skin crawl just to think about it.  And believe me, knowing now that they might have spiders lurking, when I go visit I will wear shoes, socks, long pants, and a hat!



Marcia said...

My grandson had a spider bite a couple of years ago that involved trips to the hospital to have it cleaned out and packed, etc. Finally healed, though. Being afraid of spiders is a smart thing!
Thanks for the nice words about my blog. But if you develop a sudden taste for obscure English authors - like Graham Greene - don't blame me. Thank goodness for Amazon.com.

Curley said...

Exterminator would be a smart idea anyway with the place that they now live next too. When they start tearing that down, hard telling what will start crawling looking for a place to hide.