Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ale, Beer, Whatever!

I bought a Blue Moon limited edition Fall selection case of twelve this afternoon.  Drank one of these already.  Pretty good stuff.  Would have been a bit better if I had let it get a might bit colder.




Terry said...

Good choice, JE. I like their Pumpkin Ale.

Anvilcloud said...

I have no idea about names. What is lager? What is Pilsner?

Terry said...

Good questions Anvilcloud. Lager is beer brewed with bottom fermenting yeast at cooler temperatures using a wort of light colored barley malt. Pilsner is a form lager introduced in 1842 in Plzen, Bohemia. Ale is brewed with a top fermenting yeast and warmer temperatures and ordinarily using a wort of a darker roasted malt mash. I'm a home brewer who prefers brewing ales.

Jimmie Earl said...

Thanks for the brewing lesson, Terry. I had no idea how to answer Anvilcloud's question. I just know how to drink and enjoy it!