Thursday, August 15, 2013

October in August??

Yesterday it never go above 68 degrees out there.  It was a bright sunny day, too.  Today looks like it might be the same way, only a bit warmer.  I was amazed when I let the dog out how cool it is. It even smelled like fall!  I put on my long lay-around-the-house sweats and a long sleeved shirt.  Maybe it will be warm enough in a while to officially get dressed in my shorts and flip-flops. 
   This is unseasonable for Indiana.  Usually, August is blazing hot and dry.  If this is a precursor to fall and winter, I had better get out the long undies in preparation.  LOL!
   I know this is just a respite and that the hot stuff will be back in short order.  Meanwhile, I intend to get out and enjoy this.  This is my kind of weather.  If there was a place in the USA that was like this year-round, I think I would consider moving there.



Terry said...

Several people here have commented on seeing tree leaves changing color and falling already. I guess August is early fall this year.

Curley said...

Heard this morning that it will be in the mid-80's by next Wednesday. Still not too bad. At least not 95.

Anvilcloud said...

It's supposed to be a little more seasonal for the next little while -- sunnier and warmer. Except for that wretched week in July, we've hardly had the AC on all summer.