Monday, May 22, 2006

Facing Death

Since Friday last, one of my best friends has been in a coma, and, quite frankly, at death's door. He has a strange blood infection which his body is having a real battle with. After cat scans, probes, prods and a multitude of other nasty tests, Dr.s have determined that he has strep pneumonia.
This guy is one of my singing buddies. We have sung together for almost 30 years. He is also a confidente and just a good friend. We still have many more songs to sing and praises to raise. So, I ask any and all of you to pray to the God of your choice for "da Hube." Today, maybe, just maybe, he has made a "baby-step" towards improvement. Which proves to me ("oh ye of little faith") that once again, God is good!

Keep fighting, Hube! We love ya!

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Professor said...

I am still praying for him daddy-o!