Monday, May 01, 2006

Me and my Music

I know, grammatically the title is not correct, but this is my blog, so I can write what and how I feel. By now you readers know that other than my wife and family, music is the most important aspect of my life. I sing. I play the piano (sort of) the guitar (enough to get by) and organ (basic skill only). Singing is what I know and do best. I love to sing. My family would say that I'd rather sing than eat! Often they are right and rightly so. Sometimes my schedule doesn't leave enough time to eat. Tonight is a classic example. By the time I get off work at 6"ish," and race home, don my performance tuxedo, and head out to tonight's performance, I won't have time to eat.
I sing in four different groups. Let me tell you about all of them.
The first one is my church choir. We are about 35-40 strong when everyone, including our "snowbirds" are there. Ages vary from 16 to 87. We have a director whose musical skills are beyond phenominal. She demands quality from us and gets it Sunday after Sunday. It is a pleasure to sing in this group and I have learned so much about singing, blending and breath control since joining. Besides, they are a wonderful group of Christians, and I am glad to call them "family."
Then there is the mens's quartet. We have been singing for four or five years now, but have really gotten "serious" about our sound and performing in the last two. We sing gospel music. And we do it well. When I am singing with those other three guys, I am closer to God than any other time. Our music transports me into God's hands. The others in the group are fine men have each contributed greatly to my Christian walk. They are truly my "brothers in Christ."
My third group is a mixed quartet. We sing contemporary Christian music and have ventured into the secular genre a few times. We have a good sound, and a heck of a lot of fun. We don't perform too often, and try to practice at least twice a month. We are always learning new music and polishing up the songs we already know. Our soprano, a young mom, is the life of the group and some times we laugh more than we sing. It is a time for sharing and caring. There is no doubt that we all care about each other.
Then there is the other group. I have been in this group since its formation eight years ago. We formed for a one-shot performance at a New Year's Eve gala, on short notice. We received rave reviews and have been singing around the community ever since. We sing everything from "big band" to 50's and 60's rock and roll, to Broadway hits. We even throw in a few patriotic and religious numbers. We are at 16 members right and the number varies. I love it, but it takes the most work. We practice every week, and seldom does a month go by that we don't have at least one performance. I know in June we have three performances in one day, in three different locations. Whew!
I have contemplated giving up at least one of these groups. But why should I? My wife has never complained about me being gone, and has alway been by biggest fan. And I love singing, and I also know that at my age, sometime the voice will start to go. When it does, I will give it up willingly, but until then, I will keep on singing. Singing is my life. The rest is all details.

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